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Near real-time

& located information

for carbon-free cities.

nexqt. develops science-based information services for cities, NGOs & corporates to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality.


The ever-increasing amount of data generated in cities is primarily devoted to boosting our consumption... which leads to global carbon emission growth.

At the same time, urban actors are facing a lack of actionable data to reduce the city's carbon footprint, to meet the necessary +1.5°C pathway.

This paradox can be solved.


Open data, IoT, mobile apps and satellites, creates new sources of located, near real-time data on energy consumption, geospatial information and traffic patterns that are decisive to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality.


Founded in late 2020 by Fouzi Benkhelifa, a climate action expert and entrepreneur for over 25 years, drawing on an experienced team and network of climate scientists, data scientists and climate policy experts, nexqt.'s raison d'être is to make climate intelligence accessible to all.



By making the most of these untapped urban data sources and ai-powered techniques: to provide cities with near-real-time information on carbon emissions at metro, district, street and building scales, enabling city planners to accelerate their climate roadmaps and empowering citizens, businesses and NGOs to act here and now.


Climate intelligence can bring all its power to cities if it offers both universal and local information.

The development of the City Climate Intelligence platform responds to this need to change scales: universal, to detect and measure in a comparable way the trends at work in the largest number of cities, and local, to help steer climate action as close to the ground as possible (district to building/street level).


A unique alliance.

In partnership with RMI , Carbon Monitor, HESTIA and Ai4Citiesnexqt. develops, in close collaboration with pilot cities (Paris, Copenhagen and Los Angeles) and major City networks, this next generation standard on climate intelligence for all urban stakeholders in all regions.

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