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Decarbonize Your City,


Real-Time and Located Insights For Carbon-Free Cities


Our Platform

Beyond Data, Concrete Information for your Day-to-day Decisions


What if in your city, you could access every data stream relevant to carbon emissions, with real-time updated information and user-centric designs, which allow you to implement adequate investment plans in building, mobility or energy sectors?

Beyond providing accurate data, our carbon-oriented city digital-twin provides information and decision support to decarbonize your city with the level of detail of pre-feasibility studies, fitting with funding application requirements. Designed around three key services, nexqt. helps meet the needs of city experts without being carbon specialists.

Changing the paradigm

Can We Still Fight Carbon Emissions With Spreadsheets?


By 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities, and already they are responsible for an equivalent production of global CO2 emissions. 

To face this unprecedented challenge, cities are using spreasheet-based tools to assess their carbon balance, useful for awareness-raising purpose but fail to deliver actionable, located, and updated carbon emission data to urban decision makers and managers.

Decision makers must know their emissions hotspots and target impactful carbon emission reduction opportunities to build their day-to-day decarbonization investment roadmap.









Our Mission

Unleash The Power of Your City's Data

We turn untapped data streams and carbon cycle science into actionable insights for housing, building services, mobility and industry stakeholders.


With open data, geolocation, GPS data and satellites, nexqt. creates new sources of located, real-time data on energy consumption, geospatial information and traffic patterns that are decisive to decarbonize cities. 


We provide cities with near-real-time information on carbon emissions at metro, district, street and building scales, enabling city stakeholders to accelerate their decarbonization.


Fouzi, Founder of nexqt., has nearly 25 years of experience in managing businesses offering data-driven low carbon transition strategies, decision-making tools and co-designed action plans at the international, national, regional and local levels. Fouzi has long track records working with major cities, city networks and NGOs mainly in the EU, south-east Asia and north Africa. In early 2020, Fouzi brought together key partners to found NEXQT.


Fouzi Benkhelifa

CEO & Climate Action Planning Expert

Nicolas, Lead Data Scientist of nexqt., graduated 5 five years ago from the ISAE Supaero Engineering School (Toulouse, France) with a major in Big data, Machine learning and Optimization, and a minor in Energy, Transport and Environment. He joined NEXQT 18 months ago as Lead Data Scientist and has since been developing the data pipeline and products for the Greater Paris and Copenhagen regions as part of the City Climate Intelligence initiative and the AI4Cities project. 


Nicolas Megel

Lead Data Scientist & AI and Technology Specialist

Phil, is strategy advisor for nexqt. (partner). He is Adjunct Full Professor in the University of Maryland Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department and has over 30 years of experience on the use of Earth observations and computational models for understanding and responding to climate change and environmental resource management challenges. He served as an advisor on climate change and Earth observations for two administrations in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and as Program Scientist for NASA Headquarters’ Science Mission Directorate. 


Phil DeCola‍

Chief Strategy Officer & Scientific Advisor

Philippe, is science advisor for nexqt. (partner). He is a senior researcher working at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement. He is an internationally recognized expert of the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gases emissions monitoring. He is the author of over a thousand of peer-reviewed publications including many in Nature, Science and high-impact journals (cited 170000 times). He is among the top 1% most-cited scientists in the fields of Geosciences and Ecology. 


Philippe Ciais

Scientific Advisor & IPCC Lead Author

Our Co-Founders

Our Team

Meet the nexqt.ers

Carbon Emission Insights

Our Technology Chain

Ai-powered Carbon Monitoring Platform,

to Reveal your Best Opportunities.

Open Positions

We're Hiring!

We are looking for great talent, passionate about climate issues and ready to share their expertise to accelerate the decarbonization of cities around the world.

Learn about our employment opportunities  on our Welcome to the Jungle page and follow us on LinkedIn!


Partnership for an Open Standard

Our Global Effort


Our vision is to offer every city unique insights into their carbon neutrality journey. Every city faces unique challenges, and developing solutions to them requires diverse perspectives, which focus not only on technology, but governance and data transparency.

The City Climate Intelligence (CCI) initiative is a critical part of our contribution to the global decarbonization effort. Co-designed with and funded by the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust, CCI is a joint initiative between nexqt., RMI, Carbon Monitor, HESTIA and WMO-IG3IS. CCI combines cutting-edge data and carbon cycle science techniques from around the world to bring cities access to actionable and visualized Greenhouse Gas emissions data. CCI visualizes data on the quantity, sector, and location of emissions for 53 cities in 28 countries, across 5 continents. The CCI platform is supported by Carbon Monitor Cities for African, Asian, EU, and Latin American cities, and Vulcan Version 3.0 for U.S. cities. CCI developed two pilot projects in Los Angeles and Paris, where they deployed full-scale applications of the project. In Paris all data and analytics were provided by nexqt.

Know Your Emissions Opportunities:

Hotspots Factor 4

District Heating 

Over Emitting Road Noads

Automated pre-feasibility insights

The AI4CITIES initiative enabled  Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greater Paris, Stavanger, and Tallinn to challenge, under ICLEI-Europe's supervision, the market to come up with Ai-Based Solutions  to reduce CO2-emissions in their Energy and Mobility domains. Our solution, in partnership with La Javaness and Kayrros, has been awarded as Top-3 EU solutions among 100+ projects. 

Meet your Expectations

Co-Designed With Cities

We developed our full-scale key services through a thorough and rigorous co-design process with the Paris region cities and Copenhagen, as well as introductory work with US cities through the City Climate Intelligence initiative (see Our global effort section). We heard the needs of these cities, and used this unique opportunity to iteratively dialogue with urban actors and deploy our service with their every need in mind. 

Our raison d'être 

Make Climate Intelligence Available To All

Cities around the world are setting bold targets to reduce their CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutrality in the coming decades. Yet, cities are still facing the decarbonization challenge with an excel spreadsheet and a study budget. We believe every city can achieve their goals, but they will need the right data to make the right decisions and they should not have to take this journey alone. 

That is why we are empowering cities, businesses and citizens to act here and now! We understand that decision making can be overwhelming and complex. But with access to large scale open data, AI, and machine learning, we can simplify your decision making process and transform your city's data and information into actionable insights, so you can decarbonize your city, today!

Explore your city’s emissions from the district and neighborhood scales down to building and street level. Get detailed data and a granular understanding of the emissions hotspots and low hanging fruits across your city.

Real time reporting of the emissions in your city by sector, along with insights on your cities trajectory towards 2030 reduction targets. Change the pace and the narrative of the climate dialogue with stakeholders.

Rank your investment decisions and policy options. Set your parameters and visualize the impacts. No more missed occasions. Get pre-feasibility study level insights to make the most of your funding and partnership opportunities.

Our Services

3 Key Services To Build and Fund your Carbon-free City Plan


Real Time Carbon Emissions Insights

Our Technology Chain

Ai-powered carbon monitoring platform, to make the invisible, visible.

Remote Sensing
Machine Learning
GeoAI Matching
Traffic Counts
Energy Grids
Building & Map Stats
High Resolution
Location Matrix
Local Datasets
Geolocation Data
Satellite Imageries
Computer Vision
Near real-time Activity data
Near real-time carbon emission insights
Real-Time Carbon Emissions Insights

Our Technology Chain

Ai-powered carbon monitoring platform, to reveal your best opportunities

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Carbon Emission Insights

Our Technology Chain

Ai-powered carbon monitoring platform,

to reveal your best opportunities.

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